Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Natalie - 18 Months

December 9, 2015

Natalie girl! You are finally walking! You waited until literally a week before your 18 month mark to start trying it out. You stressed me out as per usual! But now you walk every where! Everywhere!

I think we'll have to say bye to the baby gate soon as you love exploring your home on your two feet now. You have a mind of your own, and you're on a mission. Dare I say we may have another strong willed child on our hands…

You can say 'uh-oh!' in the correct context, and "Hiiiiii!" with a big cheese face grin. But so far that's it in the world of words. You can sign 'milk', 'all done', 'more', and 'please', but you'd rather not if you're not required to.

You have done great with your glasses. You keep them on almost all the time and only pull them off if you're tired or bored…or trying to make mom mad. The eye doctor said your eye is still turning in a little more than she'd like with the glasses, and they may strengthen the prescription next visit or think about patching! Mommy totally didn't want to hear that! But, it would only be for a couple hours each day, so that's doable. Anything to keep you out of surgery!

Dad is still worried that you'll never grow any hair, but it's coming in. It's very light, and will probably be pretty fine like mommy's. Sorry for that baby girl! It will be a long while before we are able to do any pony tails.

You are enjoying playing with Cooper more and more each day, and I think he's enjoying it too! He's been experimenting with your balance as you've started to walk and he's done some typical big brother things like trip you and 'accidentally' knock you over. You usually say 'uh oh!' and get right back up! You will be one tough little girl thanks to him!

We started going to the Kids Club at the gym, and you've done so great with that transition! At first you were pretty hesitant about the guys that worked there, but every time I pick you up, you're happy and they always tell me what a great baby you are. They say you play the whole time you're there and just laugh and smile. I love that you're learning to play with other kids your age - I think next year we will enroll you in jr preschool at Cooper's school and you will do fabulous!

Daddy and I love to watch you grow, learn, and explore! You are so sweet and tender, and love to observe others. You have a fearless streak, as you have already flipped out of the bath tub, and will climb the stairs with no hesitation. You poop in the tub weekly, as well.

We love getting to know your spunky personality! I can't wait to see who you become!

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