Friday, July 15, 2016

Natalie: 2 years

July 15, 2016

A month late, I know. But you and your brother require all of my attention and time these days.

For your second birthday, we celebrated as a family of four at our home here in Colorado. We woke up with the happy birthday song and then surprised you with a decorated dining room - a giant "2" balloon and streamers. You said "Whatttttt?!" Cooper was so excited to help you celebrate. You had pancakes with sprinkles and ate them with your new sunglasses on. You got a new outfit, coloring book and crayons, sunglasses, and a purse from mommy and daddy. But your favorite were the noise makers.

Later in the day we sang happy birthday again and you blew out the candles all by yourself! You did such a great job!

In your second year, you learned how to talk all of the sudden - you are a parrot now. You mimic absolutely everything your brother does which can be a bad thing sometimes. You look up to him so much and follow him around everywhere. Your favorite foods are goldfish, fruit snacks, any kind of real fruit, and "toast" (bread…not toasted…you throw a fit if we toast it). You are cutting the last of your molars, and it's taking quite a while. You have a chipped front tooth thanks to your brother sticking his foot out in front of you and you hit it on a water bottle on the way down.

You loved playing in the sand at the beach, but did not want to go anywhere near the water. You preferred to eat snacks the entire time you were on the beach. You tried so hard to keep up with all your older boy cousins while we were at the beach as well. You got many skinned knees doing that! You love riding your bike with Cooper, and probably love wearing your helmet more.

You love bath time, the river, and warmed up to Grandpop's pool pretty quickly…but not the ocean quite yet. You love to tell us when it's raining out.

Your favorite word is No. And not just any no - a screaming no. We're working on that. You have learned how to say a very cute 'yes' as well.

We are patching your left eye three times a week to try to help strengthen the muscles in your right eye and you don't enjoy that very much but you are still doing a pretty good job of keeping your glasses on.

You sleep with your purple bunny every night and love to read a lot of books and then listen to music with mommy or daddy.

You are strong willed and opinionated and so SMART.

You give the best hugs and kisses my sweet Natty girl, mommy and daddy love you so much!
We can't wait to see you grow this year.