Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Cooper Months 13-18

Month 13

Dear sweet boy,

You are so smart! You are officially a walker now, and it's quickly becoming your preferred mode of transportation. Daddy thinks you look like a drunken sailor when you walk, because you are certainly still toddling, but I think it's cute. You love to climb on top of things, and fall off of them (on purpose!). Boxes are your favorite. You have a tunnel that you love crawling through and playing peek-a-boo in.

You are getting the hang of using your spoon and fork, but also enjoy feeding Sadie your meals. Every time you eat something you like, you say "mmmmMMMM!" I won't call that a word yet, but it's very clear when you like something.

You continue to amaze me with your independence, and how you love to entertain yourself. We've been going to a music class every Friday, and you are very musically inclined. The teachers have even said so. You're the youngest in your class, but still are able to clap or play an instrument along with the beat. Your favorite are the shaker eggs because they fit so perfectly in your little hands.

Diaper changes are still pretty miserable since you're getting so big and strong and love to twist away, poopy butt or not! Bath time is still a guaranteed way to put you in a better mood, and they're becoming more frequent now that you're an independent eater. You love smashing your food in your hair!

You are turning in to a little boy, and mommy's heart is so full of joy watching you grow, but I wish you could stay this little forever and ever!


Month 14

I can't believe you're 14 months old! Your official first word was 'Uh-oh!' It started as the "ooo-ooo" sound, and it still sometimes is. It's my favorite when you say it like that, although you do know how to say it the 'proper' way now too. You love to drop (and by drop I mean purposely throw) things on the floor just to put that word in to use. It's SO HARD not to laugh, so most of the time, I do.

You are making lots of other sounds too, it seems like there's a new one each day. You're putting different sounds together and your Daddy always likes to pretend you're saying big words like "bobcat"and "chef boyardee". He's pretty sure you say "this", but I'm not convinced yet, although you do say it often.

You are starting to put things together - when I say "Let's go night night!" You wave bye bye and blow kisses to mom mom on Skype and then walk to the stairs and whine until I come. It's like you're excited to go to bed! You love to pretend to talk on the phone. You'll use our phones or the TV remote and say your version of hello, and laugh, and then hang up. When I say "Good Job, Cooper!" You immediately smile and clap your hands.

You point to the numbers on your placemat and love to count with Mommy. You are thriving in your music class, and know what to do with almost all of the instruments. Of course you don't sing the songs, or sit still and do the hand motions; you prefer to run in circles around the group. Occasionally you'll come give me a hug and then go back to finding trouble.

Your favorite foods these days are macaroni and cheese, any and every fruit, string and shredded cheese, yogurt, applesauce, chicken nuggets, spaghetti, quesadillas, goldfish (your dad things we should buy stock in goldfish), scrambled eggs, pancakes, and milk. I try and try and try to get you to eat any vegetables, but I haven't been very successful yet.

Your little personality is starting to shine through, and with all the character you have, the tantrums are showing up more and more. Mommy is going to have to invest in some parenting books because we want you to grow up to be kind and respectful instead of doing the wet noodle and screaming anytime we try to hold your hand as you walk.

Every day, I smile when I see how much you've grown and learned just over night. You make us so proud sweet boy!

mommy loves you

Month 15

Cooper! You are a little boy! I'm not sure where my baby has gone!

You say HI!! and Uh Oh! and wave bye bye and MAA! and DAAA! and you speak a special, secret language to your pop pop.You love to give hugs, and you love to get kisses on your forehead. 

You love Patty Cake and the book Hands Hands Fingers Thumb and It's Time for Bed. Mommy knows both those books by heart.

You love to dance and sing and run around in circles! We still go to music class on Fridays, and you thrive there. Your teacher always says that you've found the microbeat when we're playing instruments.

You get compliments almost every single day. "He's the most animated baby I've ever seen!" "He's SO cute!" "Is he always this happy?"

You are a flirt, too. If there is a girl around, you're smiling and laughing and running around in circles. That's right, running. You run everywhere now. It's getting harder and harder to keep up!

You are very big in to mimicking now. It's probably one of my most favorite stages you've gone through. It's so fun to watch you process what we're doing, and then try it for yourself.

You still only have six teeth. We've been waiting for all the rest to join us for quite some time.

The other night you dove head first in to your bath with all your clothes on. The tub wasn't filling yet, and the water was still freezing. You just baptized yourself and started drinking it and playing in it like there was no problem.

You are constantly on the go. And I mean constantly. There are rare occasions where you will find a book and sit and look at it for a few minutes, but then you're quickly back up and running. You've learned how to drink your milk and then blow raspberries and drool it all down your face and shirt. It's not one of my most favorite things. You've also learned that you prefer to be independent. When it's time to hold mommy's hand, you do the limp noodle or just sit down right where we are and cry. And people stare. It's really quite entertaining.

Though you will definitely be a strong willed child, I am so proud of who you are when I see how much joy you bring to complete strangers lives. I hope you can continue to touch others lives because you were given a very special gift my sweet Cooper.

Mommy loves you!

Month 16

As I type this, you're talking in your own language, and trying so hard to help me type! You love the computer, because we Skype so often with your grandparents. You're probably going to be some sort of computer genius :) Your favorite words are still "uh-oh" and "Hiiiii" We're still working on "mama" and "dada" - It seems like every day you make a new syllable but are still having a hard time forming those words! I can't decide if when you say mama you're directing it towards me, or if you just like that sound.
You are becoming quite the challenging toddler. We have introduced time-out, and you're not a fan. With it though, we've taught you to stay off Sadie's bed, and not to climb on coffee tables. The next challenge to overcome is the slapping you find entertaining, and also the throwing of the food on the floor. Both of those things creep right under mommy's skin, and my patience is wearing thin for that behavior!

You are Mr. Independent these days, and want no help with anything. But, if you're stuck, you demand help right away, and make sure everyone in the house can hear you. We've been told you're the most animated baby they've ever seen, and also the loudest. Mommy still thinks you're the sweetest.

You finally have a seventh tooth - a top molar. Currently, the other two front bottom teeth are making their way through which has left you in quite the mood lately. You love milk and water, and mommy even lets you have chocolate milk every now and then. Your eating habits aren't the greatest, and we're really struggling to get you to eat better. You love lunch meat and chicken nuggets, but still refuse most vegetables. Since you've been cutting these teeth though, you really haven't been eating much of anything.

You have gone from walking to running everywhere, and still aren't a morning person just like your parents. I struggle with getting you on more of a schedule since you're such a good sleeper, I hate waking you up. Your daddy insists I need to let you have a more set nap time and it needs to be earlier so that you're not a grump when I have to wake you up at 530 on my work days.

You continue to blow me away with your knowledge. It's amazing how much you're absorbing every day. I can't wait to hear you find your voice, and tell me all the great and wonderful things I know you're already imagining. I love you sweet boy, even when you challenge me, I love you oh so much!

Month 17


You are growing up so fast!

This month you have started pointing and saying "ooooooo what's that? what's this?" over and over. You say "Uh-oh!" and hi. You can still sign milk, and we're working on please. You nod your head yes and shake it no, although I haven't heard you say those words yet. You understand direction very well, but sometimes you choose not to follow directions. We've introduced time outs, and while you hate more that we won't let you suck your thumb, you respond very well to them.

You're displaying a lot of emotion these days, and are becoming extremely strong willed! Temper tantrums happen often, but are very quick. You also love giving hugs and kisses, and I could get those from you all day every day.

You LOVE the water. Bath time and swim time. Any time. You love blowing bubbles, but it usually ends with water in your nose and a little aspiration probably, which freaks mommy out to no end. I'm so grateful you're not afraid of the water, but that also makes me very nervous. You have no reservations when it comes to running and jumping in to a pool. We'll need to get you in to swimming lessons SOON to ease my mind. Luckily, our community pool has a splash pad that you love. We love that we don't have to constantly hold you for fear of drowning. You can run around as much as you like, and we all love that it tires you out!

Boxes continue to be new and fun toys for you. Currently, we have a large one in the living room with a blanket over it that your daddy has labeled your 'fort'. You love it. You crawl in there, sit and read your books, and play so quietly. You still love night time, and nap time, and welcome sleep in your bed with open arms.

We've taken down the baby gate that went to the kitchen, so you've been exploring a new room, and love having more space to run. With that, came many many more time outs when we taught you to stay away from Sadie's crate and bowls. You still test those limits by looking right at us while putting one finger on her crate. If you're caught, it's always a time out.

Almost every day we say we can't believe how much you've grown. Your friend Drew was born in your 17th month of life, and I can't even remember you that tiny. It's so hard to explain to new mommies that in no time at all, you grew up and became this sweet handsome boy!

We can't wait for you to start talking more, I'm so anxious to hear and understand what you have to say! I hope we can help you learn to be a patient, caring boy. So far, I think you're doing fantastic!
I love you sweet boy!

Month 18 

Holy Cow! You've grown up! You're now officially a year and a half old. What happened? Just yesterday we were still swaddling you and patting your bottom to fall asleep. I swear.

Now, you're in to everything. And I mean everything. The trash can, the toilets, the drawers, the dog crate, the cabinets, and the dirt. You are a climber. You have gotten yourself on top of the kitchen table multiple times, and love to climb up on to the couch and chairs with us now, and then roll off on purpose. You said no to the high chair, and wanted to sit at the big table with us, so we got you a booster seat, which makes you look like an even bigger boy!

You can sign "more", "please", "all done", and "milk". You wave bye bye, and I think you say "bye bye guys!" every time. At least you say the same set of syllables every time, so I know you're saying something in your own language. You wave hi, also. "Uh oh" is still a big hit, and you do try to say "all done" or "all gone" also. A crowd pleaser is "Ohhh wow! What's that!?" And you say it at the top of your lungs. When everyone laughs, you put your hand over your mouth, crouch down, and laugh along with them. Along with the increased communication, the whining has also increased. I'd be lying if I said I couldn't live without that. Once you start learning more words, I anticipate that will subside. At least I hope so.

You are smarter than ever. You follow directions very well...when you choose to! I've lost count of the amount of time outs you've had, though. But you're learning every day. Learning what not to do and what is ok and allowed to do. For example, throwing toys in the trash can is not allowed. But throwing trash in the trash can is allowed. I know it's hard for you to know the difference right now, but we're getting there.

You are a little fish. You LOVE the water. You have no fear. You will put your face all the way in all by yourself, as well as each side of your face so your ears go under which is quite impressive for a child of your age. My guess is you like the sound or feeling of the water going in your ears. So far, no ear infections...Your newest love for the bath is bubbles! You eat them, and hide toys in them, and whine when they're all gone. You also always throw a fit when we take you out of the tub, which sometimes takes the joy out of giving you a bath.

You also almost always throw a fit when we put you in the car seat. A stand up, lock your legs, twist your body around, and hold on to the front of the car seat for dear life kind of fit. It's awful. It is miserable trying to get you in there sometimes! And you're not so gentle about getting your diaper changed either. Again, you love to twist your body around, and go up on to your hands while I still have your legs in one hand, if I've even been able to hold them that long.

If you fall asleep in the car near nap time, your naps are usually done for. Even if it's only for 15 minutes, you think you've slept for 3 hours, and it's all downhill from there. That makes it awfully hard for your mommy to leisurely shop these days. But that's ok, since we need to be saving for your college anyway!

The challenges aside, you're still a very sweet, and extremely handsome little boy. You still love to share hugs and kisses, and I'll never tire of those. Watching you grow and learn is the highlight of my every day. I can't wait to see how much you learn in the next 6 months!

I love you, sweet Cooper!