Monday, November 10, 2014

Natalie Months 4 & 5

Natty Girl,

These months are starting to fly! I can't believe you're already 5 months old! In the early days, I longed for these months. These are the fun months, I remembered. I was right, but I'm already missing how tiny and sweet you were.

You are actively reaching for toys and trying so hard to roll over, but haven't quite mastered that yet. You are starting to enjoy being on your tummy as well. We have finally figured out that you thrive on a schedule. Which is hard for your Mommy! Today, after sleeping 12hours at night, you went back to sleep at 9am and slept until 1:30pm when I had to wake you up! If you miss that morning nap, all bets are off and we pretty much are just winging it until bed time for you because you won't nap well after that. You don't stay asleep in the car seat if I want to run errands, either. You would rather look around and bat your long eyelashes at everyone you see while we are out! But, we are so grateful that you are sleeping better now! It was a rough first few months, for sure.

Your brother loves doting on you. He soothes you when you are crying, and reassures you that we are near by. He loves to help you play with your toys. He brings you things to hold and turns your music and lights on for you.

You continue to love your baths, talking to mommy & daddy, sleeping in the morning but not the evening, momma's milk, sucking your thumb, and the exersaucer! You continue to dislike playing by yourself for too long, laying down for too long, tummy time (sometimes), being startled by your brother (or dad), and tummy aches.

Different from your brother, you only seem to suck your thumb when putting yourself to sleep. Which is fine by me! It's amazing, actually, to watch you put yourself to sleep. As long as you're not over tired, you go to sleep almost instantly. You put your little arm up over your eyes, and the other thumb goes in your mouth, and you're out like a light! Incredible. All that stress in the first few months, that I was convinced would rub off on you and in turn make you a horrible sleeper, was all for naught.

I imagine this month you will master the skill of rolling over, and maybe cut a tooth or two? You've been chewing on your hands and more recently, your tongue.

Your daddy can't wait to see what you're going to look like, and what kind of personality you're going to have. I, on the other hand, can wait. I love this little tiny you - who plays so quietly on your play mat, doesn't move from where I put you down, and who doesn't crawl around eating all your brothers crumbs or dropped raisins (aka choking hazards). Please stay this size forever my sweet chubby cheeked girl.

We love you sweet girl, you are our blessing baby.