Friday, January 24, 2014

Cooper: 2 Years

2 years!
Can you believe it?! I can't!

I thought zero to one was a big difference, but one to two felt even bigger. You have grown SO much!

Around 20 months, I got worried that you'd never actually talk. Even though everyone assured me you'd be fine, and you would wake up one day speaking sentences. I didn't believe them, and had a team of people come evaluate you. If nothing else, but to be sure I was doing everything I possibly could to help you along. Sure enough, they all decided you were right on track with your age and it would just be a matter of time. Well that time happened around Christmas. We went home this year, and all of the sudden you were repeating EVERYTHING! Putting words together, making sentences, and even making sense of what you were saying! You have opinions and wants, and are finally able to express them!

Now, I can't even list the words you can say because you can pretty much say them all with our help! Which means mommy needs to start watching her mouth…

You have finally started the attachment phase - I thought maybe we'd skip over that, and was really excited about it. But all of the sudden (again!) after our Christmas vacation, you started getting a lot more clingy when we have to leave you at daycare, or even when mommy or daddy just leaves the house. It's rather heartbreaking actually. At least for me. Luckily you don't let it affect your whole day, and quickly forget as soon as we're out of sight. I always said I'd never be that parent who hangs around and keeps hugging and kissing when you say "Mommy no bye bye" hugging my leg a little tighter. But I'm definitely that mom. A little piece of my heart breaks off each time I have to hear that little voice plead!

But you do love school, and we are so blessed in that we don't have to take you 5 days a week from open to close like some families do. It's just enough for me to feel ok leaving you there, and it's great for you! You can name all your friends there, and we talk about them all each morning we're getting ready to leave. You are really NOT a morning person, and when you have to go to school, unfortunately it's really early in the morning. So we talk about who we will play with that day and what friends we will see. Sometimes that helps you feel a little better about waking up and getting dressed. Sometimes nothing helps.

You have mastered the big boy cup, and eating with a spoon and fork. Although this still isn't always the cleanest skill of yours. Your baths continue to be very short since you insist on standing and splashing water everywhere but inside the tub. You love brushing your teeth at night, and reading books before bed. You are still a great 12 hr a night sleeper, so maybe soon we will try the transition to a toddler bed, although I'm not as excited about that as others think I should be.

We're still working on your expression of anger and frustration. Right now, it's hitting and throwing. It feels like we are speaking to a brick wall sometimes but again they all say 'one day it will click'. As a matter of fact, I got a compliment today on how I handle you which was a little shocking since sometimes it feels like it's all a lost cause.

We have been taking music class for a year now, and just this semester you've started expressing your opinions very strongly during class. So we've had at least two time outs per class so far. You're definitely challenging your mom and dad! But, I try to always remember your strengths, and hope this means one day you will grow in to a very driven and intelligent young man who knows what he wants and isn't afraid to go out and do what it takes to get it!

This might be a 'duh' for some people reading this, but I've found that being outside helps you a lot. Unfortunately our backyard is not conducive to you playing in it, so that's another reason we love when you go to school, because we know you get good outside time and no tv or iPad time. Hopefully soon we will have a real back yard for you!

You are totally a beach boy - as evidenced by this past summer. You would've stayed down there all day if we let you. You were fearless with the waves, and loved playing with and throwing the sand. We can't wait until we can take you every single summer!

You have gotten very attached to your 'Poppy' as you named him. You loved playing pool with him while we were home for Christmas. When we FaceTime with mom mom, you always ask for Poppy and say "Poppy! What are you doing Poppy!?"

We celebrated your 2nd birthday with Livvy, Ben, Micah, and Charlie at the Denver Aquarium you had a blast! You had a cupcake with blue frosting that night, and blew the candle out before we were even finished singing!

Mommy loves you, sweet boy. You continue to amaze us with your smarts and kind heart. You are giving and genuine and we can't wait to see what this year brings. Please stay little just a little while longer!