Monday, October 12, 2009

The Love Dare...

I told Jason about this book, and we got it tonight. We're going to try it. Neither of us are religious in any way - so it should be interesting. But, I guess it can't hurt right??

I also decided, I'm going to try to blog about each day...maybe I'll get him to do the same...because I have a feeling the 20 lines they give you to reflect on in the book aren't going to be enough. Maybe for him...but I'm sure not for me...

Hopefully we can go through with it all...

Friday, October 9, 2009

Life update. Super boring.

So, I totally didn't blog the day after I posted the previous I said I would. However, no one noticed :) Which confirms my theory that no one actually reads this. That's okay, I'll write anyway, because I can't sleep, and I'm bored.


1. I have been a Colorado resident for approximately 3 weeks. It's fun so far. The weather is insane. When we got here it was beautiful and in the 80s for about 3 days, and then it snowed. It has since been up and down, and today it snowed again. It's supposed to continue through the weekend, so it should be interesting.

2. We DROVE to Colorado from Virginia. It took us 4 days. We decided to split up the driving to about 6 hours a day because I just can't handle much more than that. I had the GPS the whole time and so I was the navigator (because we had 2 cars and had to drive separately) - I was a tad nervous, especially when driving through the cities, but I got us here!! We stopped in Lexington, KY and there was nothing to see there. Then to St. Louis, MO - and we went to the Anheuser-Busch Brewery. The tour was free, and at the end we each got 2 free beers. The next day we went to the Gateway Arch before getting on the road to Salina, KS. Boo. Kansas sucked. From there we drove to Colorado though. The mountains weren't visible until we literally arrived in Colorado Springs. It was crazy.

3. I am still unemployed. Unbelievable. I figured it would be difficult, but I didn't think there would seriously be NO job openings for New Grad RNs. And I mean none. Not even doctors offices are hiring. And who wants to work at a doctors office in the first place?! It's beyond frustrating for me. I've spent 6 years in college, and all this time just waiting to get this degree, and now I have it AND my license, and I can't get a job. All this time being supported by my parents who thought they were doing a good thing, that I'd have no trouble ever getting work. And here I am. Still unemployed. 25 years old, half way to 50, and I don't even have a CAREER. I am so ashamed of myself, it's utterly embarrassing. Ugh. I hate depending on others for money. Despise it.

See, the problem is this - New Grad RNs require SO much training and orientation. You can't just throw brand new out of school nurses on the floor...we'll kill someone. And there's so much protocol to know and learn, it's just too much. So they send you through orientation after orientation of all different units, and make you take all kinds of classes to learn all the shit they didn't teach you in nursing school (comforting right?), and finally put you with a preceptor (a more experienced nurse) and slowly unleash you on to the very ill and unknowing public...So, all this training equals lots and lots of money. Money apparently none of the hospitals are willing to shell out these days because of our awesome economy. (Because, didn't you know that getting sick and needing care was a business too?) So when people are like "Oh, you're an RN? Oh, you have a Bachelors?! Oh, you'll have NO problem getting a job."

Yeah. Eff you!

4. Jason and I are finally living together. After being apart our entire relationship, living together so far has been fun. Yes, I know the honeymoon phase...and sometimes I can already feel it fading, but I'm sure it hasn't totally worn off yet. He's all settled in at his new unit at Fort Carson, and he goes to work every day because he HAS a job. We finally got all our stuff this week, and by our, I really mean mine. He has 3 black boxes. That's it. Everyone keeps making fun of me for all the stuff I have, but our apartment would be empty if it was up to him. So, whatever! We have already started the horrible habit of eating out ALL THE TIME. We added up the amount we've spent on eating out alone (not including groceries) and lets just say - it's atrocious. So now we're really gonna try not to eat out as often...ha. Supposedly his unit isn't supposed to deploy for 3 years, so that's awesome. But we'll see if that actually holds true!

5. I made my mom a Facebook page. She hates it. She'll never get on it, but at least now she won't have an excuse for not staying up to date on everyones lives! She always wants me to print pictures and mail them to her. Ugh. She's so old school ;) I also got addicted to the stupid Facebook FarmVille game. Hey, it keeps me occupied during the long boring days I'm here alone.

6. I'm taking a class to get my NRP (Neonatal Resuscitation Program) Certification. The area I eventually want to work in, always requires that certification, so I figured since I have the time, I might as well get it out of the way. And hopefully in doing so, it might make me a tad more marketable...

7. Jason and I had our engagement pictures taken before we left for Colorado...of course, they're brilliant.

Our wonderful friend Liz Cook with Love & Laughter Photography took them. I never had any doubts that they would be great, but I didn't know how long we'd be taking pictures for! We were out there for like 4 hours! It's okay though, I always enjoy being the center of attention! haha soooo just kidding :) But I do get excited because she always makes me look good. Who doesn't like that?!

I think that's really all for now...if you know me, you probably already knew all that anyway. But, I hope if you didn't already know that, you feel much better knowing it now ;)