Saturday, December 27, 2014

Family Update

Here we are about three months post army life. We are still surviving! FINALLY starting the home buying process, but I fear it will still be another few months before it becomes more of a reality.

Jason has changed his major to Mechanical Engineering - only because he felt he would enjoy the hands on aspect versus the more theoretical aspect of Physics. Mechanical because the school he'll transfer to here, doesn't offer Aerospace which is what he really wanted to do. They do have that minor though, so that's an option if he's not completely burnt out by then. In fact, he had his transfer orientation today! We call it his 'big boy school'. He'll finish his third year of calculus and second physics class at the community college, and take a couple classes at his big boy school next semester - so that will be a challenging schedule, but we can do anything for 16 weeks! And then next year he'll transfer completely and hopefully within 3 years, be a University of Colorado graduate! 

I am still working PRN which is perfect for now because of Jason's ever changing schedule. What's really challenging is that while he's at the community college, a lot of the classes are night classes. Bedtime by yourself with two kids is not fun! But, we made it through this last semester, so we will certainly survive next! Unfortunately, next semester I will probably just be able to work weekends to be able to work around Jason's schedule and the fact that I can't work on days he has class because day care closes at 6, and Natalie isn't even in daycare right now. We just decided we'd keep her out of daycare for as long as we have to solely because we don't want to spend that much money for both of them if I'm not working full time. At this point, Coop could stay home with me too, but he's been at this same daycare since he was 6 months old, and he loves going. It's good for him, wears him out, and he learns so much there! I can't take that away from him, and I certainly can't give him all the opportunities he's getting while he's there. 

So basically, our lives are divided in to semesters for now. And I'm ok with that. It gives us something to look forward to. And flexibility that most families with young kids don't have. We have these discussions at the end of every semester when he's registering for the next. And we have to keep taking in to account how old the kids will be at that point - because thats always changing! It's already a hundred times easier than it was in the beginning of the semester when Natalie was still in the newborn grumpy phase.

Potty training has begun, and I fear it will be a long, painful process. We will probably finish just in time to start Natalie! It is a constant battle of the wills in our house right now. I'm not sure where he got his stubbornness from…

Otherwise, we enjoyed a nice quiet Christmas in our own home for the first time in our married lives. We were certainly homesick, but it was really nice not to have to cart the kids around to different places! We stayed in our pajamas all day and just enjoyed each other. It was the first really fun year with Cooper as he's starting to talk about Santa. He wasn't quite sure how the whole present opening thing worked, but he did figure it out quickly, though he wanted to open every toy immediately and play with it instead of finishing opening the presents. Natalie slept through most of it!

And that's all I can think of that's update worthy at this point. We're living a pretty quiet life here in Colorado, and we're loving it so far!


Saturday, December 13, 2014

Natalie - Month 6

Dearest Natalie,

I can absolutely NOT believe that you're a half a year old already! Amazing. The years are flying by now. You are my content little girl, now. A complete turnaround from your first four months!

You aren't rolling yet, and that has me worried a little. I'm sure you will be ok, and I should embrace the lack of mobility right now, but I do want the world for you, and certainly don't want you behind! I believe you can do it, but I think you are just fine being on your back that you have no desire to do it. You are tolerating your belly much longer now, and have gone from your belly to your back…but only one day.

Your first food was homemade sweet potatoes. You were really indifferent, and only ate a couple spoonfuls.

Your dad has been trying to get you to belly laugh, which you still haven't done, at least to his standards. You will laugh, only if something is really funny. Your personality is starting to emerge, and we think you're going to be so laid back, and very serious. Getting you to smile is getting easier, but you still reserve the good smiles for very special occasions!

You've inherited your daddy's bushy eyebrows…the jury is still out on who's hair you will have!

I'm worried you've also inherited your mommy's lazy eye. So, I'm sorry in advance :(

I had forgotten how easy shopping was with a 6 month old. You aren't sitting yet, either, but you can sit in the cart if I prop you up with blankets. You don't wiggle out of the seat belt or kick or scream, and it's amazing. I can actually slowly wander through every aisle of target like I have been longing to do since what feels like forever. It's almost like a vacation! In that aspect, it does feel like the second baby was so much easier. But not in a lot of other aspects.

You are still sleeping in the pack and play in our room, much to your fathers dismay. He's tired of whispering anytime we go to bed. And it's true, you do need to be in your own room, in your own bed. Hopefully soon, sweet girl. I'm sorry you didn't get a precious pink nursery from day one of your life, those kinds of things are just not in the cards for our family, it seems. What matters is that you are loved AND you are sleeping 12 hours at night :)

You continue to be my happy, observant, girl. We are so blessed to have you in our lives, we love you so much!